Staton Wood Co. Updates

Hey Fam! We hope y'all are well! We have to begin by expressing how much we appreciate you all's continued support of our business. It really means a lot to our family!

We have several mid month updates, so we're just going to dive right in. In an effort provide an even better experience to our customers we have decided to remove our vast catologue of items that we make from our website. Instead we have added a Ready To Ship section which will have in stock items that we will ship within 2-3 days of purchase. If you are local, shop our instock items on Mondays and Wednesdays by booking a Personal Shoping Experience. We also added a Shop By Occasion and Rentals section.

We could hear you guys applauding and screaming as we typed this update, lol. This is probably one of our most discussed topics. We will have more information later in the month.

Be sure to check out our list of our upcoming in-person shopping dates.

Blanks are coming to SWC!!

We have received numerous inquiries and we are adding select blanks to our website. Our goal is to have all orders containing blanks only shipped within 7 days or less. Blanks will be cut and shipped, no prep work will be completed.


Need a lot of one item??

Bulk orders are a great way to gift multiple people, provide event favors, or create unique marketing items. Select Custom Orders below, complete the contact form and We will contact you by email. We are excited to discuss your bulk order.

Custom Orders


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Entrepreneur Shop

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