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Holiday Favorites & New Releases

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Gift Inspiration #1

Custom Ornaments

Our custom King and Queen Ornaments are gifts that will be remembered forever! Pick the ornament closest to receiver's appearance whether now or in the past. We have over 25 different variations and hair styles to choose from.

Custom Items

Gift Inspiration #2

Personalized DIY Ornaments

Its almost Christmas time! What better way to show some Christmas cheer than with our Personalized DIY Ornament Party. This set is an awesome way to promote your business or organization and provide a holiday activity at the same time. It's also great to for teachers and families. 

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Gift Inspiration #3

Custom Bulk Keychains

Custom bulk keychains or magnets are a great way to gift a multiple people with one order. Select Custom Orders below, complete the contact form and We will contact you by email.

Custom Orders

Greensboro L.O.A.T

Holiday Gathering

The Greensboro Ladies of A&T cordially invite other L.O.A.T. to join them in-person or virtually for an exclusive DIY wooden ornament party.