Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Who makes our items? We design and make all items we sell ourselves.
  • What mail service do you use? USPS
  • Do you offer rush fees? Yes, contact us directly for more information about our availability.
  • When will my order arrive? Our current processing time is located on the check out page of our website just below the items in your cart and your total. There is a checkbox that must be selected acknowledging that you have read the processing time statement before purchase.
  • How do I place a custom order? Custom order inquiries can be placed by filling out the form on our Custom orders section of our website. We will reply by email and any picture can be submitted at that time. 
  • Can I pick up my order since I live nearby? No, however you may book a personal shopping appointment and browse our current stock of items for purchase.
  • Are there opportunities to shop in-person? Absolutely, we post monthly and weekly of any events when you can shop our current stock of wood items. There is no guarantee of which items we will have, however it is likely that will have some of the newest releases In addition you may book a personal shopping appointment.
  •  Do you offer refunds or exchanges? No we do not, however if your item(s) malfunction within 15 days of purchase. Please contact us to be considered for product replacement.
  • Do you offer bulk pricing? Yes, we do. When completing your custom inquiry please include the number of items you are interested in purchasing and select yes on the bulk pricing question.
  • Do you offer wholesale items? Not currently. 
  • Do you offer wood cut-outs? Not at this time.

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