You probably didn't know this, but custom items are our favorite thing to make. Yep, you read right, lol. We believe its the challenge of making something new and bringing someone else's vision to life. When making custom items we always remain true to our brand and put our own twist on the customs we produce.

Here are a few tips for placing custom orders:

1. Read the Custom Order Process + FAQs before ordering.
2. No idea is too grand!
Tell us exactly what your vision is. If there is a part of your vision that we can not accommodate or that needs to be modified we will notify you.
3. Tight space? No Worries!
When writing out your inquiry consider the place you plan to put the item as we may need simple measurements to make sure your item will fit comfortably in the space you have allotted.
4. Don't overthink it.
As the client, your obligation is to come up with an idea, not the design. We have been working with wood for 4 years and can easily design an item just by hearing your idea. So leave the heavy lifting to us!
5. Trust is everything!
Ordering a custom item is all about believing that the business owner will meet or beat your expectations. We always ask patrons to look at the items we can make and trust that we can bring your vision to life.

Is this a rush order?
Is this a bulk order?
Is this a Christmas order?