At The Staton Wood Company we value and strive to always provide our customers with exceptional customer service and quality custom wood items through innovative engineering, graphic design and CNC cutting. Please keep the following in mind before submitting your custom order request:

1. Standard response time to an inquiry is 3-5 business days.
2. Standard production time is 20-30 business days and are subject to change depending on the type of project, our current order queue, or time of year.
3. Invoice must be paid in full via our e-invoicing system before production can begin.

Custom Order Timeline

1. Order inquiry form submitted.
2. Receive response from The Staton Wood Company.
3. Discuss design thoroughly, materials, etc. via email or in-person by appointment at our office.
4. Invoice sent + paid
5. Mock design sent for review and approval. Any changes may be made to the existing design at this time.
6. Design approved
7. Production begins (20-30 business days)
8. Email notification with shipping info OR order pick up instructions will be automatically sent via our website when your order is ready.
9. You receive/pick up your order!
**Exact timeline is subject to response times by both SWC team and customer and is unique to each order.**