The word Sankofa translates to "retrieve" (literally "go back and get"; san - to return; ko - to go; fa - to fetch, to seek and take).  The Sankofa Bird is a mythic bird that flies forward while looking backward with an egg (symbolizing the future) in its mouth.

**Adult earrings are 2.75 inches and youth earrings are 1.75 inches.**

Production Time: The production time for ALL orders is a max of 3-4 weeks as they are all made to order. The timeframe is determined by the type of project, our current order queue, and time of year. This does not include holidays, weekends, or shipping time. Any changes to the production time will be posted to our website or emailed directly to the customer.

Holiday Guarantee: All orders placed November 10th through December 10th will ship no later than December 18 and be available for pick up December 20.


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